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The Sea Angling Classic Trophy: From Design to Delivery

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    Hythe Marine Services and BAE Systems teamed up to provide an exceptional work experience opportunity for the next generation of marine engineers. Through the Sea Angling Classic event, apprentices got to work together to create a stunning, historical, masterpiece. 

    “Two reputable, respected companies came together to provide exceptional work experience for the next generation of marine engineers.” – World of Angling Spirit 

    Through a longstanding partnership between BAE Systems and Hythe Marine Services, apprentices are often given incredible opportunities to work on important real-life projects, such as for the Royal Navy. This collaboration was taken one step further through the Sea Angling Classic event where the apprentices worked together to use materials from some of the most iconic vessels of our time to create what can only be described as a stunning masterpiece.

    “Whoever wins this trophy will not only be taking home a piece of history but a clear and present representation of the skills Hythe Marine Services and BAE Systems are building as the talent of tomorrow.”


    What did the project involve?

    The largest consideration in creating this trophy was that everyone involved wanted the final piece to stand out and have a high standard of detail and craftsmanship from every angle. Similar to the construction of a Naval ship, there were multiple teams providing support, right down to the smallest of tasks. There were points within this project where efficient project management was required in order to meet the deadline. 

    Through the dedication and hard work from different areas of both organisations, including joiners, machine operators, engravers, constructors, fabricators, welders, plus sub-contracted polishers, everything came together to deliver the trophy on time.

    History and Heritage 

    Alongside 250-year-old timber, resin inlay, stainless steel, mahogany, and a range of other metals, materials in the trophy are taken from heritage and serving Royal Naval vessels: 

    • The round bar is made of recycled material from the HMS Prince of Wales. 
    • The stainless is an offcut from works on HMS Prince of Wales.
    • The oak and copper are salvaged from the HMS Victory’s refurbishment. 

    So much hard work, dedication and commitment were put in by so many people to create this trophy. And as a result, it’s so much more than just a trophy. It symbolises the historic maritime city of Portsmouth. It showcases the world-class workmanship of BAE Systems and Hythe Marine Services. And it’s showing the engagement from the historic dockyard and everybody involved here. There’s been so much hard work from everybody behind the scenes to create something extra special for Portsmouth. 

    Portsmouth is of course world-renowned for being the maritime city that it is, and what we’re aiming to do is highlight the vibrant city and how much is going on here. So for this trophy to be made out of the artefacts from HMS Victory and the aircraft carriers is incredible. To be allowed to use the mayor’s crest on the trophy is a real honour, and the finished trophy will now be seen worldwide.

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