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Marine Services: Supporting the Commercial, Defence and Leisure Maritime Industries

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    We at Hythe Marine Services have been servicing the marine industry since 2005. And our workforce and acquisitions over the years have given us defence knowledge and experience dating back to the 1960s. But although marine services is a term we hear and use regularly, its meaning can encapsulate a wide range of activities. 

    For the most part, maritime services can include anything related to the design, maintenance, repair, and construction of any water-based vessel or component. In this blog, we take a look at what marine engineering involves, and how our own services are assisting those within the maritime industries.


    Marine Engineering Services 

    Marine services companies will most likely provide engineering and repair services to those operating within the marine industry. The marine industry is a broad term that can be split into smaller sectors. Those most commonly referred to in maritime are commercial, defence, and leisure boating. Marine engineering businesses may cater to one or all of these areas.


    What are marine engineering services?

    Companies that provide marine engineering services may test, build, maintain and repair leisure boats and commercial or defence vessels. They may also provide engineering services for other underwater craft or offshore equipment. And alongside engineering, marine companies will often utilise other trades such as welding, fabricating, woodwork and composites.


    What problems do marine engineers solve?

    Marine engineers will solve problems for customers that are involved in the maritime industry in some way. So whether it’s a motorboat solely for leisure boating, a commercial cruise ship, or vessels for the Ministry of Defence, marine engineers are on hand to solve and prevent any issues. 

    Due to the corrosive nature of the ocean and issues that come from sitting in water, boats can require a lot of maintenance and repair work throughout their lifetime. Because the marine industry is varied,  marine engineering companies will often have their own team of accompanying trades on hand. For example, they may have fabricator welders on hand to weld inserts, damaged pipework, or manufacture an entirely bespoke structure that sits within a ship.


    hythe marine services

    Hythe Marine Services

    The problems we solve

    Hythe Marine Services combine our specialist skillsets to create tailored work packages for each client. Without compromising on quality, we prioritise fast turnarounds to get the job done quickly, and done well.

    What we do

    We provide everything from specialist consultation to full-scale project management, from concept through to installation. 

    Our services include:

    • Value Engineering 
    • Specialist Fabrication 
    • Specialist Welding 
    • Turnkey solutions 
    • Reactive response work

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    Our values

    1. Our work is guaranteed. So if our customers are unsatisfied with our work, we prioritise and repair the work for free. 
    2. We provide customers with more informed choices, to reduce the noise and offer a valuable engineering solution. 
    3. We offer faster turnaround times, so you can quickly get things back up and running smoothly.

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